Fair friendly business.
To be the best in our business and our customer’s first choice
Improve on contemporary measures including cost, quality, service, speed of delivery and mobilization.



To deliver outstanding profitability for the benefit of our customers. To be accessible to all segments in the market. A company that continuously enhances its superior technological competence to provide innovative solutions to customer needs. We are dedicated to our promise of delivering the best quality products to consumers who have relied on us for a long time. Incorporate into the strategic decision making process at the top level.



As part of our corporate strategy our aim is to be a responsible organization by never compromising on the quality of our goods & services that we offer to our customers. All of our commitments, actions and products must be recognized as an expression of quality.
Our commitment to quality has been recognized with achieving quality endorsements. Quality  control procedures are from time to time updated to keep up with international standards. For continuous improvement.

Welcome to ABS General Trading Company
Never compromising on quality of goods and services

ABS General Trading Company is one of the most modern, integrated trading company.
We have a reputation for procuring & providing only the best. Our products carry a high profile in the International market because of the high quality commitment. Our Company is professionally managed and committed to customers.

Similarly ABS General Trading Company has substantially contributed to the improvement, growth and expansion of the safety match industry, through quality enhancement and strategic promotion for export, with the result that Pakistan is now a significant exporter of safety matches to the global market place.

ABS General Trading Company vision is to become the region’s leading wholesaler for import and export of business and consumer products.

Our brands are market leaders in their respective fields and originate from across the globe.  In most instances, ABS General Trading Company has the exclusive distribution rights for the sale of such products across geographical boundaries.

Code of Conduct

To conduct business with honesty and integrity.
Relationships amongst employees, at all levels, must be truthful, trustworthy and honest. Employees are expected to be honest and ethical in dealing with each other, with
    clients, suppliers and all other third.
Any illegal, dishonest or unethical act must immediately be reported to the competent authority for remedial and corrective action
Conduct ourselves as a socially responsible organization.
ABS General Trading Company Code of Conduct applies to affiliates, employees and others who act for us countrywide, within all sectors, regions, areas and functions.